August 16, 2020 | 04:31

Stop Beating Around The Bush

Lot of bloggers keep going round in circles around the topic of their post. They get to the point somewhere in the middle or by the end of their post. It’s like they follow some unwritten rule where they must keep posts at least 300-400 words. This is not okay! Blog posts can be short. In fact, if you are just starting out a blog, you must keep them short. Read more

July 3, 2020 | 21:42

Greatest Mistake of Our Time

Every generation makes their share of mistake and the next generation has a choice to learn from it. The last century saw world war and hopefully we have learnt our lesson. Now that we look back we might think to ourselves how is that even possible? Was that generation stupid? No. They were just like us. Do you think the people at that time were aware that things would become so ugly by the end of the war? Read more

May 17, 2020 | 12:13

मराठी लेखक आणि ब्लॉगिंग

आईने आज मला असाच मराठीतला एक व्हाट्सअँप फॉरवर्ड दाखविला. त्या व्यक्तीने साध्या टिकली वर २००-२५० शब्द लिहिले होते. तो अशे किती तरी छान व्हाट्सअँप संदेश बनवत असणार पण त्या व्यक्तीची पोच फक्त १००-१५० लोकांपर्यंत. त्यात अर्ध्या लोकांनी त्याचे लेख वाचले पण नसणार. मी अशे किती तरी साहित्य इंग्लिश मध्ये इंटरनेटवर वाचतो पण मराठीत नेमकेच लोकं वेबवर लिहितात. त्या मागे मोठे कारण आहे, भारतात घरा घरात मोबाइल पहिले गेला आणि कदाचित कॉम्पुटर कधी गेलेच नाही. Read more

May 13, 2020 | 04:18

Happy Birthday Nirmitee!

Hey Nirmitee, I remember you writing hand written letters to us on Rakshabandhan so it felt appropriate that I write you back in similar way. I am wrting this post instead of letter because my handwriting is terrible! This vacation is special because it comes after your 10th exams. I remember spending my 10th vacation in Mumbai and it was one of the most memorable vacations I ever had. I understand, the circumstances, now are not what you would have expected to be after your exams but that does not mean you can’t have fun. Read more

April 26, 2020 | 17:34

Why I Think WFH is Future

Today we all are forced to work from home and most people will agree with me that it works. I have been doing remote work for last two years and so I have had easiest transition. Over that period, I have realized that the idea that productivity drops while working remotely does not hold true, even if bad actors are involved (more about this in some other post). I have created nifty little map to show you why I think WFH is future. Read more

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